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Modular signage system for construction sites

Orientation System


Around 100,000 construction sites are set up every year in Berlins roads. 5300 km is the total length of all roads in Germanys capital. Calculational that’s one construction site every 53 m.

A lot is done for the rerouting of motorized vehicles, but not so much for pedestrians. They seem to be left to themselves when it comes to finding a way. I set out to solve that and created a concept for a signage system for everyone walking by foot in Berlins construction sites.

Misleading signage systems in Berlins construction sites.


Using the example of the construction site at Invalidenstraße in Berlin, I created a modular signage system. Fast-moving construction sites like this often change daily. Low-priced printing techniques allow for reusability and flexible usage in an ever-changing city.

“Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!”Jack Lang, former French culture minister
I chose to focus on one of the busiest sections for the extension of the tram line M8. I had a close look at possible improvements going from Berlin main station to the “Museum für Naturkunde” (natural history museum).
Left: RAL 3020 (Traffic Red, CMYK: 0/100/100/10)
Right: RAL 9016 (Traffic White, CMYK: 3/0/0/0)
The typeface used for this project was “BMF Change” by Alessandro Leonarde. It’s the official typeface of Berlins senate. Its quirky letter shapes stand out and are part of Berlins marketing as a city. It poses a contrast to the traffic signage typeface “DIN 1451” without compromising legibility.
Evolution of the pedestrian pictogram.

Lead, orientate, inform

Informing pedestrians: What is being built here? What is on the other side of the street concealed by construction machinery?