Cool head, warm heart, working hands.

I specialize on the strategy, concept, design and implementation of digital experiences. I build resilient systems aligned by business goals — not just surfaces.


Until today I’ve been constantly on the move. Born in Hamburg, I grew up in Germany, USA and the United Kingdom. I want to make our world better understandable. This passion took me to Berlin to study Communication Design. With my Bachelor thesis I came up with a product idea that I further pursued by going to Switzerland to do my Masters in Design Entrepreneurship. I’ve gotten around Europe to work with outstanding people for several great companies. I now live in Berne, Switzerland.

Design plays a huge role in my life, but there’s more than just screens and sketches. I’ve played drums in several “loud-music” bands, taste my way through Asia by trying different teas, recharge in high altitudes and generally read around 40 books per year. The latter makes me understand what Socrates meant with “the more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.”

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Make it count.

Too much things in our lives are badly designed. As a Designer, that means standing up for uncomfortable truths from time to time. The success of your work is defined by the extent in which you can communicate it well. I’m here to help with that. Let’s build more things producing less headaches.


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