My name is Ferdinand Vogler and I’m a Designer.

I specialize on the concept, design and implementation of digital experiences. I build structures, not just surfaces. I’m currently part of the M. A. program “Design Entrepreneurship” at the Bern University of the Arts.

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“Ferdinand is a reliable self-starter, a thoughtful communicator of his ideas, and a respectful team-player.”

Portrait of Dr. Philipp Hartmann Dr. Philipp Hartmann

“We got to know Ferdinand as a diligent worker with excellent technical abilities and a good sensitivity for the conceptual and aesthetic aspects of design.”

Portrait of Christoph Lüscher Christoph Lüscher

“Ferdinands style is extremely modern and tasteful, and makes sure the content and not the design is in the spotlight.”

Portrait of Lennart Hennig Lennart Hennig

“I’d like to recommend Ferdinand to anyone looking for a top-notch designer with coding experience, he has been a pleasure to work with.”

Portrait of Alexander Fechner Alexander Fechner


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