Switzerlands comparison portal for modern mobility

Founder Front-End Development UX

Cars aren’t easy

Getting and owning a car was never really easy. Whilst trying not to get ripped off, you’ll have to get insurance, pay taxes, register the car, make sure it gets serviced regularly, change tires for every season and buy new ones every 30,000 km. If your life situation doesn’t require a car anymore, you probably won’t sell it, because that is also a hassle – in the end you’re going to lose a lot of money.

How owning a car can be made better

This is where car subscriptions prove themselves handy. Companies offer you the car plus a service package. Most of the times you only have to refuel. You can quit monthly and get the car delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

Since this is quite a new business model but already many companies popping up all over Switzerland, I created FlexDrive (website), Switzerlands portal for modern mobility. Here visitors can compare all the different providers for this new way of owning a car.

Tables are difficult to navigate on a small screen, but I made the table headers stick to the top so you always know where you are. That way you can compare lots of data at once.